Sen. Moran on Senate Resolution 712: We need to put urban and rural in the same room

RFD-TV Founder and President, Patrick Gottsch understands the need for greater access to rural and agricultural media programming, which is why he worked hard to ensure Senate Resolution 712 came to be.

John Jenkinson caught up with Senator Jerry Moran during his conservation tour in his home state of Kansas. Moran says if the resolution passes, it would be a much-needed bridge between rural and urban America.

“But also important is we need the rest of the country, the parts of the nation that aren’t rural, to have the chance to know about our the way we live our lives, how we view things. We need something to pull the nation together, to put rural and urban in the same room, and rural communications through broadcasting are one of the best ways we can do that in today’s world,” said Sen. Moran.

The Kansas Senator says he is working hard to ensure even more legislators sign on to support the measure.


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