State & Local Policy

A recent study by the Environmental Defense Fund in Kansas is urging farmers to diversify crop portfolios to mitigate risks and ensure long-term sustainability.
South Dakota lawmakers are focusing on value-added agriculture in new legislation initiatives for the state. The State House Majority Leader Representative says these bills would be the strongest landowner protections passed in two decades.
In part six of his blog series,"Top 10 Developments in Ag Law and Tax in 2023,” farm legal expert Roger McEowen tackles issue #2, foreign ownership of ag land.
In part five of his blog series, “Top 10 Developments in Ag Law and Tax in 2023,” Roger McEowen tackles issue number three, California’s Prop 12 pork regulations.
In a recent statement, California State Representative James Gallagher says Prop 12 not only impacts pork producers but agriculture as a whole, and emphasizes the need for producers and consumers to co-exist.
As winter weather embraces the Colorado River Basin, new recommendations from the Colorado River Drought Task Force have not been well received by all.
The California water supply continues to be a focal point, sharing the spotlight with significant legislative issues facing state lawmakers this session.
Getting Congress to pass a Farm Bill is at the top of the AFBF’s list this year. They plan to establish other policy priorities later this month at the annual AFBF Convention in Salt Lake City.
As we start the new year, let’s take a look at some of the legislative items from 2023 affecting agriculture that will continue to play out in the political area for months to come.
The Georgia Farm Monitor gives us a glimpse into the 86th Georgia Farm Bureau Convention where they are cultivating traditions and celebrating achievements!
Meet the Andrus who believe that hard work is one of the best starts to a successful life. Together, they work at his family ranch and started their own ranching operation.
An independent grocery store is making a big difference in the community of Marks, Mississippi, a small town in the Mississippi Delta region that was long considered a “food desert.”
A newly retired Farm Credit System employee recently took home a big award — and to celebrate, the Mississippi Farm Bureau talked with some of his closest friends about his contributions to agriculture.
According to the Canadian Pork Council (CPC), producers are willing to comply with US-Canada trade agreements and rules set by the USDA — but insist they cannot bend to the regulatory will of 50 individual U.S. States.
Pro Farmer and Farm Journal analyst Jim Wiesemeyer recently engaged in a discussion with the Western Ag Network, sharing his perspectives on the likelihood of crucial farm legislation making strides in the coming year, or potentially succumbing to the complexities of election year politics.
Recently honored with the 2023 Friend of Agriculture Award by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, Senator Younger’s journey from the fields to the state Capitol has been one of unwavering commitment and passion.
Embark on a journey just 20 minutes outside Fresno, California, where Fairmont Elementary School, is redefining education through an innovative agricultural lens.
Congress is now exploring legislative avenues to expedite the process as time drags on and anticipation mounts for the EPA’s crucial decision regarding the year-round sale of E15 fuel.
American agricultural exports will soon slow down as the Panama Canal dries up.
The State of Oklahoma and some of the country’s largest producers, including Tyson, Cargill, and seven other companies, cannot seem to resolve a case over the alleged role of these poultry corporations in polluting the Illinois River Watershed.