The Great Chicken Sandwich Social Media War


August 22, 2019

As The New York Times reported yesterday, a social media skirmish between competitors in the fast food market, including rival chicken chains Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, most notably, escalated quickly to a full-blow battle royale, as each tried to outdo the others in extolling the palatability of their signature products. As is typical with wars of this nature, it would seem that there are no losers and only winners, as PR executives marvel at the amount of publicity all of the participants managed to garner from the fray.

Jonathan Maze, Executive Editor of trade publication Restaurant Business Magazine, was definitely awed. “Look at how much attention they’re getting — it’s impressive. All this is really going to do frankly is embolden other chains to do similar things when they introduce new products.”

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(Source: The New York Times)


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