The Last Puzzle Piece: Fertilizer institute says key to easing prices is working with China

Working with China could be the key to easing fertilizer issues. That is because China is the world’s largest producer of phosphates.

The Fertilizer Institute says eliminating China’s export ban could increase global supply and lower prices, but that is not the only change that would help.

President and CEO, Corey Rosenbush, says eliminating hours of service restrictions, modernizing weight classes, and waiving some shipping requirements would help transport fertilizer faster. He spoke about how long he thinks issues in the market will last.

“We’re not necessarily allowed to make forward-looking statements, but I will say some of the things that I’m hearing from our members is that this is a long-term market condition, that the dynamics of this market are likely to be around at least through 2023.”

Rosenbush added reforming environmental regulations and eliminating the border vaccine mandate would help, too.


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