Cashing in on higher prices for cull cattle as meat demand stays high. Plus, trouble grows for wheat growers in a global surplus, and ag machinery sales slump.
The “Remote Grading Pilot for Beef” allows the USDA to assess beef carcass characteristics and assign an official grade quality from a remote location.
Raising calves during the winter months presents livestock producers with unique challenges, as cold stress can elevate disease risks and impede growth rates.
Meet the Pfeiffer Family, of Logan County, Okla., whose passion for ranching runs deep. Their drive shapes not only their daily lives but also leaves a lasting impact on their agricultural community.
Passion is contagious, and David Henderson’s genuine love for ranching is impossible not to catch because there is nothing he would rather be!
Stan and Vanessa Nabors of FaithWay Cattle in Bishop, Georgia, know their customers appreciate where their food comes from, buy from local producers, and live a healthy lifestyle.
Dayton and Lauren McCarty of Mountain View Farm in Stone County, Ark., comprises six broiler houses and a registered Black Angus herd. They also produce commercial hay. The couple are finalists for the Arkansas Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Achievement Award.
The study, published in the European Heart Journal, was conducted in 80 countries on all inhabited continents, and challenges advice from previous studies to limit both products.