Buckle up, Corn Belt! Producers will see a roller coaster of fluctuating temperatures in October

Despite fluctuating weather temperatures across the Corn Belt, producers in the region seem to be ahead of pace for this year’s harvest.

Current weather conditions across the Corn Belt are taking producers on a wild ride, forcing them to adapt their harvesting schedules as temperatures fluctuate across the region.

Average temperatures at the beginning of October started off hotter than normal, dropping sharply below average just a few days later. Those cooler temperatures were felt through the following week before returning to more average seasonal trends this week.

According to forecasting data from WeatherTrends360, producers can expect temperature fluctuations in the region to continue into next week, predicting cold weather again in the third week of October. However, temperatures should return to normal by the end of the month.

Harvest is ahead of the average pace throughout the region.

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