Every Day, Another Delay: Analyst shares fear over more Farm Bill delays

The Torrey Advisory Group Vice President Cassandra Kuball says the clock is ticking on the Farm Bill since 2024 is an election year.

With every passing day, many fear we are getting closer to another Farm Bill delay, the current Farm Bill passed back in 2018 and expired in September 2023.

According to Torrey Advisory Group Vice President Cassandra Kuball, the clock is ticking, especially with 2024 being a presidential election year.

“I think, each day, when we see no progress of [the Farm Bill] coming forward, going through the motions — it needs to go through. I should say, before being introduced, whether in the House or Senate. And we are anticipating it will first be brought to the floor in the House, is a sign that it’s going to be harder and harder in an election year to bring it forward.”
Cassandra Kuball, Torrey Advisory Group Vice President

Kuball encourages farmers and ranchers to engage with their lawmakers on the importance of the Farm Bill so that hopefully we see the new legislation this year.

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