What can these facilities do to protect themselves? I wrote about this issue last spring, and since that time, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has issued a significant opinion. That makes an update in order.
The producers filed the motion in response to an anti-trust litigation filed by the purchasers in 2019 over price collusion.
Ag consultants with Bunge say the renewable fuel industry is helping support lower feed prices for poultry producers.
Lawmakers in Washington recently introduced the “Consistent Egg Labels Act,” a bipartisan bill to define egg labels.
Brazil, the world’s top poultry meat exporter, is expected to increase chicken meat exports in 2024. On the other hand, the country’s soybean projections for the South American agricultural leader are expected to dip slightly in the New Year.
Meet Danielle Graham, an accomplished expert in poultry parasitology who is not only focused on advancing research but is also dedicated to cultivating the next generation of scientists.
Cole and Nicole Roper embody a commitment to agriculture that extends far beyond the fields they cultivate in the heart of Georgia. The Farm Monitor takes us to their Royston-based operation to find out their secrets to success.
Duck hunting has been a part of Louisiana heritage since Cajuns first settled in the region. One man in central Louisiana is keeping the old ways alive by continuing to craft these prized duck calls rooted in tradition.
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture seeks public input on the revamped front-of-package food labels — but Feb. 13, the deadline for public comment, is approaching quickly!
Awarded the 2023 Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Excellence and Leadership Award, V.O. Campbell’s journey is a testament to a lifetime dedicated to the well-being of farmers and the agricultural community.
At Rippley Family Farms in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, “sustainability” is not just a buzzword. Rather, it is a lasting commitment to preserving the farm for its third generation and ensuring its success in the years to come.
Exploring niche markets in agriculture can lead to mixed results, but Maple Leaf Farms has certainly mastered the art of getting their ducks in a row.
Dr. Megan Niederwerder with the Swine Health Information Center emphasizes the interconnection of bio-security risks faced by all livestock producers as they watch the poultry industry reckon with another outbreak of High-Path Avian Flu,