How much longer is the heat going to stick around in the Corn Belt?

The extreme heat and dryness is expected to stick around through at least the end of the month in the Corn Belt and the agriculture sector is definitely feeling the brunt of it.

The American Farmer shared this picture with us on Twitter saying, “Heat and wind set a haylage pile on fire here in South Dakota.” The picture shows the farmer putting out the blaze with lots of burned forage scattered on the ground.

The heat is also taking a toll on cattle country. Nebraska Extension wants to be sure that everyone is keeping calves in mind during this time, too. Even though they nurse, water is essential for their development.

“We need to make sure those baby calves can reach the tank and reach the water. When it gets hot like this and it is horribly hot, it is very easy for baby calves to dehydrate very quickly if they can’t reach the water tank,” says Karla Jenkins with extension.

Jenkins also says an adequate amount of shade would help calves keep heat stress at bay.


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