Meet Waylon & Willie! These very good boys were just named California FB’s Farm Dogs of the Year!

At the heart of High Sierra Ag lies a duo of unlikely heroes: Waylon and Willie, a couple of Outlaws turned farm guardians, who recently earned the prestigious title of 2023 California Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year.

Farmer Zach Stuller is the lucky owner of Waylon and Willie, the 2023 California Farm Bureau Farm Dogs of the Year. Their journey together began when Stuller, facing a relentless wave of break-ins and thefts about a year ago, sought a solution to safeguard his agricultural operation.

Enter, Waylon and Willie! According to their proud owner, the inseparable pair of brothers have distinct yet complementary personalities: Waylon, the gentle giant; and Willie, the mischievous strategist. Together, however, they form an unyielding force against intruders.

“Waylon...he’s dominant, but a teddy bear,” Stuller shares. “Willie... kind of wiry, mischievous... the one that says, ‘Hey, come on! Let’s break out! Come on, brother.’”

His decision to bring in guard dogs was prompted by a series of thefts— trucks, ATVs, farm chemicals, diesel gas—all falling victim to criminals. The situation reached a tipping point when the sheriff suggested investing in dogs as a deterrent.

Zach reached out to Trisha, the executive director of Tiller County Farm Bureau and a passionate dog enthusiast, for assistance. She connect him with the Outlaw brothers, who finally found a foster family in Stuller. Weighing over 150 lbs each, these nocturnal guardians, found their true purpose in safeguarding High Sierra Ag.

“They bark at every noise you can possibly imagine all night long,” Stuller saaid. “They will definitely make this their domain and run off anyone that is not supposed to be there.”

Trisha, playing a pivotal role in this match, emphasizes the unique nature of Waylon and Willie.

“I think it’s because they’re unique, maybe because there are two of them,” she said. “They’re brothers. They are rescue dogs. Some may say they don’t really do anything — but they protect the farm; they deter burglars and bad guys; and they do a really good job of it.”

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