National #TeachAg Day: Meet Tammy Glascock, a beacon of inspiration in ag education

Texas Ag-Science Teacher Tammy Glascock shapes futures and ignites passions with her instruction in agriculture known across her community for her dedication to her work.

On National #TeachAg Day, we celebrate educators who play a vital role in shaping the future of agriculture. We get a chance to meet one of those exceptional educators: Tammy Glascock from Pilot Point High School.

Glascock—one of more than 2,500 ag-science teachers across the Lone Star State—is known widely for her passion for helping students step out of their comfort zones and find their paths to success in agriculture.

“We kind of play a game sometimes — we always kind of see who can get there first,” said Rob Best, PPHS’s head football coach. “Most of the time, she wins. And, it’s not unusual when I’m leaving at 10- or 10:30 p.m., that she’s still there.”

Glascock’s dedication to her students knows no bounds, and both colleagues and community members attest to her tireless commitment to their growth and well-being.

“Every evening, every weekend, Miss Glascock is looking for projects or working with kids on speeches, trying to get scholarships for kids,” said Superintendent Dan Gist, acknowledging her unwavering effort. “They don’t make teachers like that anymore.”

Students hold Ms. Glascock in high regard, too, even before they step into her classroom.

“You knew about her before you were in high school,” explained PPHS alumna Erin Hammons. “She kind of has, like, a legacy type of thing. I went into school respecting her and her position.”

Her impact on students interested in agriculture
extends far and wide, and Ms. Glascock’s mentorship helps students find confidence in themselves and their abilities.

“Once I started doing things in the FFA with Ms. Glascock—the FFA Creed competition, reciting all the beliefs of the FFA, the principles—I really began to see how much I’m worth,” said Jonathan Gosnell, another program graduate.

This interview, conducted in 2016, sheds light on Tammy Glascock’s remarkable journey as an ag teacher. Her influence and impact have only grown over the years, making her a beacon of inspiration for students and colleagues alike.

Glascock reflects on her role with deep sincerity, saying:

“Being there for a kid and knowing it’s having an impact, that’s the reason for hard work. That’s the reason I do what I do. You don’t have to be first or second. If you are, that’s icing on the cake. The success is you doing it and learning that you can do it. That success.”

As we honor National Teach Ag Day, RFD-TV News extends our gratitude to all the incredible ag teachers like Tammy Glascock who support the more than 945,988 FFA members across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Their dedication shapes the future of agriculture and inspires generations to come!

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