The latest agricultural news related to New Mexico, Texas, and other states is the Southwestern United States.

Embark on a journey through the heartlands of East Texas with Matthew March as he intertwines education, family legacy, and an unwavering love for the land into a vibrant tapestry of rural life.
This new decision followed years of tense negotiations and ahead of the Biden Administration’s long-term protection effort announced for 2026.
The meaning of a “double-fraction” clause and the impact on future oil and gas conveyances—that is the topic of today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agril-Legal expert Roger McEowen.
Recently, a bank in Texas got confused on the financing rules governing agricultural crops and lost its security interest as a result. Ag financing and priority rules among competing security interests—that is the topic of today’s post.
Herds are showing growth in areas like the Northern Plains and some states in the Western U.S. where ranchers have seen more rainfall. However, for operations across the rest of the United States, that is not the case.
In the heart of Ellis County, Texas, Scott Born found his love of sunflower farming growing.
Texas Ag-Science Teacher Tammy Glascock shapes futures and ignites passions with her instruction in agriculture known across her community for her dedication to her work.
Texas cattle producer David Crow took a leap into ranching as a passionate, first-generation farmer. Today, has grown into a legacy that will continue for generations to come by using sustainable grazing practices and innovative land management techniques against invasive species.
As extreme heat bears down on a large portion of the country, crews from across Louisiana are battling intense wildfires in Beauregard Parish.
Growing up with a passion for agriculture, Caleb Powell showed steers early on in his life and is sharing the passion with other kids.
Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening spoke with RFD-TV’s Suzanne Alexander Friday on Market Day Report about the current conditions in the Lone Star State, the impact of extreme temperatures on livestock, and steps local producers are taking to mitigate the heater and protect their herds.
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Stewardship winners Gary Price and Jerry Doan raise cattle in very different environments but still use the same successful grazing practices.
The Cowboy Channel’s Hayley Novak caught up with a mother-son duo who are continuing a family legacy through the FFA.
July is National Watermelon Month! It is time to meet Darren Wiggins, an East Texas producer who works tirelessly to grow one of summer’s sweetest treats.
Sorghum planting is on the rise among U.S. growers. According to industry experts, American producers planted 8 percent more sorghum this season than in 2022.
As wheat harvest gets underway, one producer in the Lone Star State is making sure his fellow Texans are getting their daily bread.
Debt ceiling talks took crucial time away from Farm Bill negotiations, and now lawmakers are working to get a deal in place.
Georgia’s cattle producers steward more than four million acres of land and bring $3 billion to its economy.
From dust storms to drought, conditions in the Lone Star State have bounced from one extreme to the other.
RFD-TV’s Suzanne Alexander spoke with Veteran Ranch Vice President J.R. Smith about how he came up with the idea for the program, how it helps veterans, and the success he’s seen.