September was a good month for pork exports, while beef lost momentum

Despite ongoing transportation issues, September showed a promising month for U.S. pork exports while beef fell a bit behind.

222,000 metric tons of pork were sold during September, which is up one percent from the year prior and is the second consecutive month of growth. Overall, total monthly pork export values increased by nearly 10 percent to more than $660 million.

U.S. beef exports were down roughly seven percent from last year, bringing the total to just shy of $900 million. Leaders at the National Pork Board say they were expecting to see a pickup in numbers towards the end of the year.

“We’re really excited about that, especially as we look at the interesting global dynamics at play and especially with the strong U.S. dollar, but it just shows the U.S. pork has a lot to offer in regards to quality, consistency, and there’s still strong demand in many countries. We’re just really excited to see that,” said Courtney Knupp.

The group says strong markets in China and Hong Kong are also helping U.S. numbers because cuts like fat, muscle, and organs can be considered delicacies.