Spring Planting

Harvest is underway in many parts of the United States, but according to a representative with Nutrien Ag Solutions, it is never too early to plan ahead for the next growing season.
The student team started with a one-acre plot, but hope to plant similar ones all over the state of Utah.
July is National Watermelon Month! To celebrate, we dig into some of the challenges watermelon producers face each season to provide consumers with the juicy, summertime sweet treat to consumers across the United States.
U.S. Forest Service scientists just launched a project aimed at boosting bee populations.
June is National Pollinators Month! This initiative brings attention to the important relationship between pollinators and plants. So, it is only fitting that honeybees are getting some great news!
When discussing pollinators, most minds jump to bumblebees and butterflies. According to two new studies released in the United Kingdom, conservationists may need to adjust focus to include a very important nighttime pollinator: moths.
Broadleaf weeds and black cutworm moths are already making their presence known in the Midwest, farmers say.
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