To Buy, or Not to Buy: Farmland real estate values defy rising interest rates for now

Despite brief dips in early August, farmland market holds steady as other areas of the market experience economic flux.

The interplay between interest rates, commodity prices, and farmland values remains complex and dynamic. However, as interest rates have steadily climbed over the past year, there has been a notable resilience in the value of farmland.

Tim Meyer, a seasoned farm real estate specialist with the Steffes Group, spoke with Brownfield Ag News to share his insights on this intriguing trend.

While acknowledging there was a slight dip in the first two weeks of August, Meyer emphasized that the overall demand for farmland remains robust. He likewise encouraged those with the means to purchase farmland to seriously consider any available land opportunities. He also voiced a word of caution—hinting at the possibility of a downturn in the farmland market in the coming year if commodity prices continue to languish.