Faith and Farming: The Inspiring Journey of Jeff Easterling

Jeff Easterling, the Vice President of the South Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, leads a life deeply rooted in the land. With a career spanning over two decades, he has honed his skills in farming and cattle management, all while embracing his pastoral calling. A man of unwavering faith, Easterling’s journey is a testament to his dedication to both the land and the congregation he serves.

A Life in Farming

Jeff Easterling’s day begins like many others in rural Mississippi, managing Ted Parker’s operation, a partnership that has thrived for more than twenty years. On this particular day, he’s busy sorting cattle for shipment, ensuring their well-being on the lush green grazing land. Jeff reminisces about the early days, saying, “We started buying cattle in 1996. It’s just a joy to watch them go from being a bit rough around the edges to the big, fat ones we ship out west. That’s what keeps me enjoying what I do.”

A Passion for the Land

Easterling’s passion for farming is palpable, and it extends beyond his professional career. He not only manages others’ cattle but also cares for his land and cattle, ensuring their health and well-being. His dedication to hard work and his own set of cattle speaks volumes about his work ethic. No one has ever accused him of being lazy, and it’s clear that Easterling loves every aspect of his life’s work.

A Vision for Farm Bureau

In 2022, Jeff Easterling took a significant step in his agricultural journey by running for the position of Vice President in the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s South Mississippi region. His motivation for this role stems from a deep desire to help fellow farmers become better managers and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Easterling envisions the Farm Bureau as a catalyst for positive change, supporting farmers in their pursuit of success.

Faith and Farming

Beyond his agricultural pursuits, Easterling is a devoted pastor, leading a congregation just outside of Poplarville at the Barn Church. He finds harmony between his two callings, stating, “Through the ministry side, I’ve learned so much about farming, fooling with cattle, and growing crops. What I preach on Sunday is very relevant to my life as a farmer.” His faith in God and his faith in farming go hand in hand, and he believes that faith is an essential aspect of being a cattleman.

The Legacy Continues

Easterling’s dreams include passing down his life’s work to his two sons. However, he firmly believes that this choice should be theirs to make. As for now, he shows no signs of slowing down. He takes each day as it comes, tending to his pastures, caring for his cattle, and spreading

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