Farm to Table

The Nebraska Soybean Board takes us behind the scenes of Bakers Candies, where they do much more than melt hearts with their delectable meltaways cherished far and wide. Their products are also a true testament to melding the delicate art of confectionery with Nebraska’s agricultural heritage.
Students are getting first-hand experience with growing, harvesting, and tasting fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the school gardens through the Murfreesboro City Schools system program Farm2School.
Stan and Vanessa Nabors of FaithWay Cattle in Bishop, Georgia, know their customers appreciate where their food comes from, buy from local producers, and live a healthy lifestyle.
Save this list to have on hand when you hit your local grocery store, farmer’s market, or CSA all season long!
We meet a brewmaster who found his ingredients on a Craigslist search
To kick off our new Farm To Tap series, we head to East Nashville Beer Works, where their flagship beer is sweet as honey!