Soy Delicious: The irresistible combo behind Bakers Candies’ iconic chocolate ‘meltaway’ is Nebraska-grown

The Nebraska Soybean Board takes us behind the scenes of Bakers Candies, where they do much more than melt hearts with their delectable meltaways cherished far and wide. Their products are also a true testament to melding the delicate art of confectionery with Nebraska’s agricultural heritage.

Bakers Candies opened its Greenwood, Nebraska confectionery in 1987. The family-owned gem crafts more than half a million pounds of exquisite meltaways annually. Despite shipping their renowned chocolates across the United States and around the world, the heart of their sales remains firmly rooted in their home state.

What makes Bakers Candies’ chocolates not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing is the use of locally sourced soy lecithin—an emulsifier crucial to gourmet chocolate. Soy lecithin’s role as an emulsifier is to seamlessly combine ingredients that wouldn’t naturally meld together. In the case of chocolate, soy lecithin ensures the smooth integration of flavors, making chocolate visually appealing and lusciously smooth.

At the heart of Bakers Candies’ allure lies the chocolate meltaway—a confectionery delight recognized by chocolate connoisseurs for its distinctive quality. Each piece boasts two layers, combining the best of hard-flavored chocolate with the smooth creaminess that defines a perfect chocolate meltaway. Bakers Candies is proud to be the last company in the world to mass-produce this unique treat with unmatched precision.

Beyond crafting chocolates, Bakers Candies is deeply embedded in Nebraska’s rural community. With a million agricultural connections, they serve as a hub for local products, offering retail space for about a hundred Nebraska-made items sourced from local ingredients. The symbiotic relationship between Bakers Candies and local agriculture emphasizes the significant impact of the crops grown in the state.