Storage Shoplift: Ukraine says Russia is stealing grain

Ukraine is accusing Russia of stealing grain.

The Deputy Ag Minister says several hundred thousand tons of grain has been stolen in parts of the country Russia currently controls. More than a million tons are still at risk of being stolen. Russia has denied the theft.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister addressed the issue on twitter saying, “We demand that Russia stop illicit grain stealing, unblock Ukrainian ports, restore freedom of navigation and allow trade ships to pass. We urge the international community to strengthen sanctions against Russia to avert a humanitarian disaster and the world’s food security crisis.”

The United Nations estimates that almost 2 billion people may face poverty and hunger due to disruptions from the war.

The Chair of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, Betty McCollum, says, “This feeds into a national security crisis for the United States when there’s so much civil strife going on, especially for access to food.”

McCollum also thinks we’re at the greatest risk with our global supply since World War II.


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