What hurdles could Mississippi River levels create for fertilizer?

Retail fertilizer prices were split last week, with some continuing to trend higher. DTN shows four of the eight major fertilizers are up in price over last month.

Anhydrous came in 14 percent higher; MAP and UAN32 were up 6 percent; UREA increased as well, but by less than 5 percent; DAP, Potash, and UAN28 were all down, but not by much.

Mississippi River levels could have a potential impact on grain shipping this season. With conditions now worse than last year’s situation, concerns are also growing over transportation costs for fertilizer.

Josh Linville with StoneX joined RFD-TV’s own Christina Loren about what hurdles it could present to the industry, if there were any lessons learned from last year, and if there could be any ripple effects from the recent attack on Israel.