In part six of his blog series,"Top 10 Developments in Ag Law and Tax in 2023,” farm legal expert Roger McEowen tackles issue #2, foreign ownership of ag land.
As Brazil eyes an export surge in January, China’s dominance persists as an importer of both corn and soybeans, raising hopes as well as concerns if the South American agriculture giant can meeting escalating demands for key crops.
The USDA has ranked the world’s top consumers of imported meat products by nation. Find out which countries take the top spots here.
Iowa soybean farmers recently had an opportunity to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Their discussion revolved around the importance of continued agricultural trade as China remains the largest destination for U.S. soybean exports.
Rebuilding the herd with the best qualities is a priority for cattle producers in the United States, and one company is working to incorporate genetics into that mission.
China has been rebuilding its pork herd after an outbreak of African Swine Fever, but so far, demand is not matching supplies. That is putting the market under pressure — and experts say, prices may not recover until late next year.
Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke with RFD-TV’s own Susan Alexander this Monday morning on the Market Day Report to explain Arkansas’s recently passed giving lawmakers greater authority to sanction foreign ag-land ownership within the state.