Third-Generation Gem: Country Gardens Farm nurtures enthusiasm for agriculture in Georgia community

Providing the community with locally grown meat, produce and dairy products, as well as several educational classes; Country Gardens Farm in Newnan is doing their part in spreading the word of agriculture.

What started as a family tradition has blossomed into a one-stop shop for farm-fresh produce, locally sourced meats, and a wealth of agricultural knowledge. Located in the heart of Newnan, Georgia, Country Gardens Farm stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of agriculture.

Country Gardens Farm is not your ordinary farm, but a treasure trove of high-quality, locally-grown produce. It offers customers a unique farmers market experience where they can find various locally sourced products from pasture-raised beef and pork to fresh fruits, vegetables, raw milk, eggs, and cheese.

This 150-acre farm is not just a livelihood but a legacy for third-generation farmer Mike Cunningham and his connection to the land runs deep.

Cunningham’s grandfather laid the foundations of the farm, and his father continued the farming legacy. However, Mike took it to the next level — transitioning the operation from growing ornamental plants to food production. Starting off with the family’s retail nursery and garden center, he eventually evolved Country Gardens Farm into a multifaceted agricultural hub over the last three decades.

Cunningham’s commitment to his customers is unwavering. He recognizes their desire for locally produced, fresh food, and transparency in sourcing. This led to the creating of a small farmers market on the weekends, where patrons can access a diverse range of products directly from the source.

“Our customers are always after locally produced fruit, vegetables, and meats,” Mike said. “They want to know where their food’s coming from.”

The farm hosts numerous classes throughout the month, making agriculture both engaging and relatable. From gardening and canning to fermentation, these classes aim to bridge the generational gap, inspiring a newfound appreciation for farming and food production.

Mike’s wife, Judy, emphasized the importance of bridging the generational gap in agriculture. Many people are now reconnecting with the traditions of their grandparents, rediscovering the joys of gardening, canning, and preserving food. The enthusiasm and excitement in the community are palpable.

“We’ve seen a lot of people that have never gardened before in the last few years, and they’re really excited,” said Judy said. “They’re thinking back to their grandparents and wanting to learn.”

Country Gardens Farm is a year-round endeavor. It stays bustling with activity as it cultivates a diverse selection of vegetables and plants. The commitment to nurturing the land and seeing it yield bountiful harvests is a labor of love for Mike Cunningham.

“When we’re planting seed and we’re seeing things germinate and come up out of the ground, or we’re in the greenhouse in the wintertime starting our peppers and tomato plants, I think it’s something that’s wired in me to appreciate things that are growing and seeing things mature,” Mike said.

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