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Cow Guy Closing Bell
Consult “Cow Guy Closing Bell” with Scott Shellady for key commodity takeaways at the end of the day.

Join markets specialist Scott Shellady, better known as the Cow Guy, as he covers the market-close, breaking down headlines that drive the commodities and equities markets with commentary from respected industry heavyweights.
Latest News: Markets
Cattle producers recently promoted U.S. beef on a trip to Japan and Korea with the U.S. Meat Export Federation.
According to USDA experts, Brazil and Argentina’s large drop in corn production has more to do with the economics of corn markets than impacts from weather.
New testing requirements for dairy cattle producers facing HPAI; ranchers fire back on a controversial proposal from the Bureau of Land Management; and our latest feel-good stories about some country music legends.
National Sorghum Producers Executive Director Greg Ruehle says there’s a discrepancy between sorghum producer’s reports of this year’s crop and the USDA’s forecast.