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Cow Guy Closing Bell
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Join markets specialist Scott Shellady, better known as the Cow Guy, as he covers the market-close, breaking down headlines that drive the commodities and equities markets with commentary from respected industry heavyweights.
Latest News: Markets
USDA economists are expecting U.S. wheat exports to go up.
Spot prices for corn posted another three-year low last week and they are mimicking a trend seen about a decade ago.
Soybean prices have been on a continuing decline for several months now, and an account executive for Bower Trading says the trend began in 2023.
The apple industry in the United States is grappling with an unexpected challenge this year: an oversupply of fruit.
A market analyst with DTN says the ethanol market for corn and the renewable diesel market for soybean oil are two much-needed sources of demand but the RFS program sets minimum volume requirements for those biofuels.
Total Farm Marketing’s Bryan Doherty expects to see some shifts in spring planting now that grain markets are in a lull driven by an excess in supply.
Winter wheat is thriving is some areas despite a five-percent reduction in planted acres in Oklahoma. However, pasture and rangeland still face challenges posed by ongoing drought.
The drop is due to producers trying to improve their bottom lines amid an ongoing drought.
Total Farm Marketing says the market needs to see some bushels move, and USDA will need to make demand-side adjustments for the price to go back up.
The “Remote Grading Pilot for Beef” allows the USDA to assess beef carcass characteristics and assign an official grade quality from a remote location.