Consumer Price Index

Falling feed costs and strong demand for butter could be good news for dairy farmers looking to get their finances back on track.
While candy corn may have the reputation of being one of trick-or-treaters’ least favorite Halloween candies... It’s a uniquely American treat with a rural background!
With just over a week until Halloween, a long-time producer worries about the weak consumer demand so far this fall for one of the season’s staples: Pumpkins.
The demand for agricultural products like corn, soybeans and animal fats in bio-fuel production is driving up the prices of edible oils to historic levels, according to new data released by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.
According to latest Consumer Price Index report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, rising shelter costs and fuel prices are propelling inflation above market expectations.
A representative from the National Grocers Association joined RFD-TV’s Market Day Report as we explore the impacts of consolidation within the grocery industry on the affordability and availability of food products.
After recent spikes, consumers are starting to see some slight relief when it comes to fuel prices.
We have some good news to share in the world of consumer food! Check out the article below for a couple of exciting headlines from this week.
A look into the future of beef production with insights from Cattle-Fax CEO Randy Blach.
Lower production and higher prices, that’s what the USDA Outlook Board sees for the cattle industry next year.
Egg prices have been on a roller coaster this year, soaring sky-high and falling back down to Earth in just a few months.
Diesel prices are on the rise, posing a huge challenge for farmers as they navigate their operations through the beginning of harvest season for many key U.S. crops.
In a recent survey by Purdue University, researchers asked consumers nationwide about potential pork price increases in relation to California’s controversial Prop 12 legislation. The results might be surprising as grocery-store prices continue to break the bank.
Final Demand Prices rose 0.7 percent, marking the highest Producer Price Index monthly increase since June 2022.
The surge in inflation in the latest Consumer Price Index report released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics is raising concerns across the market. Gasoline prices emerged as the primary driver of the CPI increase, accounting for more than half of the overall rise.
Significant shifts in global food prices were observed in August by the FAO Food Price Index, capturing the attention of markets and consumers worldwide.
Consumers think inflation will impact their Thanksgiving dinner table this year.
The popular fuel used to run farming equipment has increased by 22 cents in just a week.
Food prices could go up this year—by as much as six percent—but economists build a lot of wiggle room into those estimates, which is a midpoint in a wide range of possible scenarios.
A study from Kansas State University found consumers are less willing to pay for certain meats as retail prices inch higher.