Food Prices & Inflation

In February, farmers experienced a slight increase in prices, though it fell short of surpassing last year’s numbers.
Quebec’s Maple Syrup Producers Association plans to release about half its strategic reserve inventory this year to meet export demand after four years of unfavorable harvests.
Louisiana’s crawfish industry is in turmoil as extreme weather conditions wreak havoc on what is leftover to harvest, threatening significant financial losses of around $140 million.
As large grocery chains face growing Federal Trade Commission (FTC) scrutiny, consumers consider farmers least culpable for over-inflated food prices, according to a new survey.
After months of declining consumer egg prices, buyers could be facing a sharp increase in costs as prices surge upwards once again.
In response to escalating consumer interest in organic foods, the USDA has launched an initiative to boost domestic production and address increasing reliance on imports.
According to a dairy industry expert, volatility is likely to continue for the dairy market as for the Smokehouse Creek Fire rages on, now standing at 89% contained.
The USDA recently made a landmark decision aimed at enhancing transparency in labeling American products as a “Product of the U.S.A.”
The repercussions of the Smokehouse Creek Wildfire loom large for the Texas cattle industry as the state grapples with the largest wildfire in its history.
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) economists offer their annual Outlook on milk, butter, and cheese as the U.S. dairy industry preps for the year ahead.
Research conducted under the Beef Checkoff program provides valuable insights into consumer demands, ensuring that the industry stays attuned to evolving preferences.
The apple industry in the United States is grappling with an unexpected challenge this year: an oversupply of fruit.
The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Economist Danny Munch explains why the group requested an emergency implementation of the switch back to the higher-of Class 1 formula.
Congress has until the end of the year to either pass a new or extend the 2018 Farm Bill. Senator Roger Marshall, the Republican from Kansas, joined us on Rural Health Matters and shared the challenges ahead.
Feeding America, a farmer-to-food bank partnership, reminds farmers they have an important part to play and thanks them for their efforts to cull rising food insecurity across the United States.