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Rural Wrap-Up: Five things you missed last week

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1. HPAI ravaged Iowa; claimed almost every state

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Texas Country Reporter

Officials in Iowa confirmed nearly 41,000 birds were lost after an outbreak in a commercial turkey flock in Buena Vista county. This is the second outbreak in that county in less than a week.

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza is now confirmed in 49 states across the U.S. According to APHIS, the only state that has not seen an outbreak this year is West Virginia.

2. Producer Price Index increased in November

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The Producer Price Index rose more than expected in November.
Producer prices were up 0.3 percent on the month. Overall, prices are 7.4 percent higher than a year ago. Food costs rose 3.3 percent during the month, while energy costs fell 3.3 percent.

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3. Russia’s attacks on energy and the “war economy mode” continue to affect harvest

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As of December 1st, the grain harvest in Ukraine totaled 1.5 billion bushels, almost half of the previous year’s record crop.

Prolonged rains have made the moisture content of grain, in particular corn, very high. After Russian attacks on energy infrastructure, granaries in Ukraine are operating unstably. The power supply is only available for a few hours a day throughout the country. On top of that, the war economy mode has been implemented.

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4. John Rich announced new business venture, “Old Glory Bank.”

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Photo via Official Old Glory Bank Twitter

A new bank is coming to rural America and one of the founders is a country music superstar.

John Rich teamed up with banking industry experts to create what he calls the first chartered bank to openly support the military, patriotism, and first responders.

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5. Young sheepdog fought off and killed a pack of coyotes


Photo via John Wierwille Facebook Page

Casper, a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees sheepdog in Georgia, was recently attacked by an entire pack of eight coyotes after they trespassed on their sheep operation.

The fight lasted for more than a half hour and Casper killed all of them.

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