New tool helps rural Americans assess wildfire risks

In the aftermath of Texas’ devastating Smokehouse Creek Fire, the U.S. Forest Service launched a tool to help Americans better assess their level of wildfire risk.

Assess Your Wildfire Risk

The U.S. Forest Service has provided an updated Wildfire Risk Map, leveling the playing field for rural communities unable to conduct their own risk assessments.

The online map indicates one-third of all Americans live in counties with high wildfire risk.

Headwater Economics says many states in the south and southeast have wildfire risk, and western states like Oregon and Washington have a higher risk than previously thought.

The Biden Administration has given grants to help equip communities with heightened levels of risk.

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Update on the Smokehouse Creek Fire

It has been four months since the Smokehouse Creek Fire burned more than one million acres in the Texas panhandle.

That fire is now believed to have caused $123 million in damage—nearly half of that from infrastructure.

A Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Economist believes more than 12,000 cattle were lost, but that number could grow if producers see long-term effects on surviving cattle.

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