2024 Farm Bill

In this Firm to Farm blog post by RFD-TV legal expert Roger McEowen, he looks ahead at what might be the biggest issues in ag law and tax in 2024.
The Congressional Budget Office projects the federally subsidized crop insurance program will cost an additional $27 billion over the next ten years.
Texas A&M‘s Ag & Food Policy Chief, Dr. Joe Outlaw, predicts lawmakers may not draft a new Farm Bill until 2025, missing the first deadline by nearly two years.
Compeer Financial expects corn to be in the $4.80 range, whereas last year it was close to $6. That amounts to less coverage and fewer dollars out there.
The Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee says March is still a possibility for a new Farm Bill; however, there are no guarantees.
Congress is back in session and many are anxiously waiting for Farm Bill progress.
A lot of moving parts in Washington are keeping an extension from happening as quickly as some would hope, including gridlock of the appropriations process.
Farmers, agri-businesses, and lawmakers are all eager to see Congress pass the next Farm Bill.
The Torrey Advisory Group Vice President Cassandra Kuball says the clock is ticking on the Farm Bill since 2024 is an election year.
The Farm Bill should matter to all Americans. One specialty crop grower and South Carolina Farm Bureau member shares why it matters to him.