Through the hands-on Giving Garden program, a group of middle school students are growing a sense of self-sustainability, cultivating their community outreach potential, and at the same time, reaping the therapeutic benefits of horticulture. The Georgia Farm Monitor brings us the story from Lake View Middle School in Katusa County, Ga.
This Week in Louisiana Agriculture shares farmer Warner Hall’s inspiring story, which illustrates the vital supporting role played by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) programs in supporting new farmers and small operations across Rural America.
The “Grow More, Give More” project is providing Alabama senior citizens with fresh produce as well as a growing sense of community, one container garden at a time.
Alabama Cooperative Extension Services (ACES) brings us the story of how a state program helped make all the difference in this project.
In the heart of Ellis County, Texas, Scott Born found his love of sunflower farming growing.
Karyn Agle, of Agle Family Farm in Eden, New York, shares her part in her family’s journey of navigating the challenges and rewards that come with farming the same land over five generations.
Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers cultivate a unique type of flower, Proteas, on their 200 acres in Rainbow, California, a quaint town nestled among the rugged, rocky hillsides of San Diego County.
In Georgia, something extraordinary is budding, and it is all thanks to Samantha Lineberger, the owner of Arena Acres U-Pick Farm.
The free online courses are an effort to boost the organic workforce.
With each harvest, Solutions for Urban Agriculture sow seeds of change, cultivating not only fresh produce but also a sense of hope for a more nourished future.
On this episode of The New Crop’s Learn to Grow, Misilla discusses how to building and improve soil health in your organic garden.
Take a tour of Misilla’s late spring garden on The New Crop’s Learn to Grow!
From searching for a purpose to becoming a role model. The Farm Monitor brings us the story of Chelsea Korzenko and her life-changing journey to horticultural therapy.
A new study identified compounds within a “failed” tuberculosis treatment that effectively fight some herbicide-resistant “superweeds” in Australia. Researchers say their findings could be a “game-changer for the agriculture sector.”
The Senate Agriculture Committee heard from a mushroom farmer and a crop scientist Thursday in a hearing related to the horticulture title of the 2023 Farm Bill.
When discussing pollinators, most minds jump to bumblebees and butterflies. According to two new studies released in the United Kingdom, conservationists may need to adjust focus to include a very important nighttime pollinator: moths.
Besides growing and raising just about everything on their three-acre allotment, it’s important to Nu Sunrise Farms owners, James and Tammy Weeks, that literally nothing goes to waste.
Posterity Cider Works is focusing on quality with their ciders. In this clip, Brendan Barnard and Trevor chat about developing flavors with different apples and how older varieties of apples change over time.
Urban farmer DeMario Vitalis, of New Age Provisions in downtown Indianapolis, Ind., is leveraging the science of hydroponics to grow and sell unique, organic produce in an even-more-unique growing environment.