National Cattlemen’s Beef Association eyes potential for enhanced trade with UK

NCBA is poised to seize upon a promising opportunity: bolstering trade relations with the United Kingdom.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is exploring opportunities for complementary trade with the United Kingdom, recognizing distinct consumer preferences on either side of the Atlantic. Kent Bacus, the Government Affairs Director for the NCBA, shared insights with Brownfield Ag News, highlighting the potential for mutually beneficial trade relations.

According to Bacus, consumer demand for beef varies significantly between the UK and the US, creating opportunities for trade in cuts that are popular and traditional in one market but less consumed in the other. For instance, while the UK favors roasts, Americans have a penchant for flank steak.

However, challenges persist in realizing the full potential of beef trade between the two nations. Limited access to markets and stiff competition from countries like Brazil hinder the expansion of trade opportunities. Despite these obstacles, the NCBA remains optimistic about the prospects for enhanced trade relations, emphasizing the importance of addressing barriers to market access and promoting cooperation between the US and the UK.